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Clear and methodical.

"Professor Evans' clear and methodical approach to cryptocurrency cuts through myths, shaping policy with her expertise in blockchain technology." -

- Caitlin Long, Founder and CEO of Custodia Bank

Actionable insights for leaders.

"A uniquely accessible cryptocurrency decoder, debunking myths and offering actionable insights for leaders and legislators."

- JoAnn Holmes, Esq., Intellectual Property and Digital Assets Attorney

Navigates with brilliance and clarity.

"Like having Professor Evans on speed dial, [her] book navigates through crypto and blockchain myths with brilliance and clarity."

- Dante Disparte, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Global Policy for Circle

Demystifying complex concepts.

"Digital Money Demystified perfectly mirrors our mission at Blockchain Association, demystifying complex concepts and empowering readers for the crypto economy."


- Kristin Smith, CEO of Blockchain Association

Far out in front.

"Tonya is as far out front on the interaction between web2, web3, Intellectual Property and the Law as I've ever encountered!"

- Jacob Martin, General Partner, 2 Punks Capital

Engaging and Enlightening.

"As our keynote speaker in a Crypto Masterclass, Tonya Evans brought invaluable crypto law expertise to the Black@INBOUND community, presenting complex concepts in an engaging and enlightening manner."

- Kassandra Mendes, Sr. Marketing Manager, DEIB Community Programs, HubSpot

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  • Making Fear-Based Investment Decisions


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Meet Prof. Tonya

Dr. Tonya M. Evans, a celebrated professor at Penn State Dickinson Law and a Northwestern University and Howard University School of Law alumna, stands at the forefront of digital finance and technology law. Her recent appointment to the Digital Currency Group (DCG) Board underscores her influence in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Dr. Evans excels in making complex digital financial concepts accessible, as demonstrated in her book, "Digital Money Demystified."

A recipient of the 2023 EDGE in Tech Athena Award, she has shaped global discourse through roles in the World Economic Forum/Wharton DAO Project Series and advising entities like Black NFT Art. Dr. Evans is a sought-after keynote speaker, having illuminated stages like the IBM Cloud Forum and South by Southwest (SxSW), and is regularly featured on CNBC and Bloomberg TV.

Through her podcast, Tech Intersect, and her digital assets education platform, Advantage Evans Academy, she offers invaluable insights into emerging technologies. Dr. Evans’s unique background, including her time as a professional tennis player, enriches her approach to teaching and advising on the legal aspects of new technologies. She is dedicated to empowering leaders, lawyers, and financial professionals with the knowledge to navigate the evolving digital landscape.