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Meet Dr. Tonya M. Evans

Renowned professor, legal expert, and thought leader at the forefront of blockchain and cryptocurrency. With a distinguished career spanning academia and industry, Dr. Evans brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the intersection of law, technology, and the digital economy.

As a full tenured professor at Penn State Dickinson Law, Dr. Evans has dedicated herself to shaping the next generation of legal professionals. Her pioneering work in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has earned her recognition as a leading authority in the field.

Dr. Evans' influence extends beyond the classroom. As a member of the Digital Currency Group board, she plays a strategic role in shaping the future of blockchain and digital finance. Her insights and expertise have been sought after by prestigious organizations worldwide, and she is a frequent keynote speaker at industry events.

Through her acclaimed book, "Digital Money Demystified," Dr. Evans aims to demystify cryptocurrencies and empower individuals to navigate the complexities of the digital financial landscape with confidence. Additionally, her podcast, Tech Intersect, and digital assets education platform, Advantage Evans Academy, provide invaluable resources for leaders, lawyers, and financial professionals looking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Dr. Evans' commitment to innovation is further evidenced by her recent launch of, an AI-enabled research and learning assistant designed to revolutionize legal education and create Web-ready legal professionals.

With a track record of success and a passion for driving change, Dr. Evans is a trailblazer in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency, shaping the future of law, technology, and finance.




  • South by Southwest
  • Consensus by Coindesk
  • World Intellectual Property Organization (Geneva)

What Others Are Saying

Clear and methodical.

"Professor Evans' clear and methodical approach to cryptocurrency cuts through myths, shaping policy with her expertise in blockchain technology." -

- Caitlin Long, Founder and CEO of Custodia Bank

Actionable insights for leaders.

"A uniquely accessible cryptocurrency decoder, debunking myths and offering actionable insights for leaders and legislators."

- JoAnn Holmes, Esq., Intellectual Property and Digital Assets Attorney

Navigates with brilliance and clarity.

"Like having Professor Evans on speed dial, [her] book navigates through crypto and blockchain myths with brilliance and clarity."

- Dante Disparte, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Global Policy for Circle

Demystifying complex concepts.

"Digital Money Demystified perfectly mirrors our mission at Blockchain Association, demystifying complex concepts and empowering readers for the crypto economy."


- Kristin Smith, CEO of Blockchain Association

Far out in front.

"Tonya is as far out front on the interaction between web2, web3, Intellectual Property and the Law as I've ever encountered!"

- Jacob Martin, General Partner, 2 Punks Capital

Engaging and Enlightening.

"As our keynote speaker in a Crypto Masterclass, Tonya Evans brought invaluable crypto law expertise to the Black@INBOUND community, presenting complex concepts in an engaging and enlightening manner."

- Kassandra Mendes, Sr. Marketing Manager, DEIB Community Programs, HubSpot


I can speak on a range of topics at the intersections of law, business and technology in the future of work, wealth and leadership including the following:


Separating Fact from Fiction in the Digital Money Revolution

This enlightening keynote explores critical distinctions between myth and reality within the digital currency sphere, emphasizing how decentralized AI reinforces blockchain's capabilities. The talk relies on and references content from Digital Money Demystified to provide attendees with profound insights into the digital economy, empowering them with the knowledge to navigate confidently.


The Real Value of Cryptocurrency: Beyond Market Fluctuations

Dive into the intrinsic values of cryptocurrencies and discover how the intersection of AI and blockchain is redefining financial markets. This presentation draws from Digital Money Demystified to illustrate innovative financial products created through predictive analytics and transparent operations, showcasing the future of economic empowerment beyond speculative market fluctuations.


Navigating the Regulatory Maze of Cryptocurrency

With extensive legal expertise and an academic background, this talk focuses on the complex regulatory landscape of digital currencies. It highlights how AI and blockchain are converging to enhance regulatory frameworks, automate compliance, and improve fraud detection, using examples and case studies from Digital Money Demystified to provide strategic insights for navigating these challenges.


Security in the Digital Age: How Crypto Safeguards Assets

Delve into the advanced security measures that blockchain, enhanced by AI, brings to digital assets. This session highlights AI’s role in real-time threat detection and response, showcasing how cryptocurrencies offer superior protection compared to traditional financial systems. Insights and examples from Digital Money Demystified reinforce the discussion, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of digital asset security.


Crypto and Environmental Sustainability: Finding the Balance

Addressing environmental concerns in the digital finance sector, this presentation presents innovative solutions that reduce the ecological impact of cryptocurrency operations. It explores how AI and blockchain can collaborate to create a sustainable digital finance ecosystem, with references to Digital Money Demystified to provide context and depth to the discussion of technology's environmental implications.